Early Retirement Extreme Review – Day Five

More personal thoughts will be in bold below in the outline. For those that want to listen to The Brothers on Books Podcast discussion with Jacob Lund Fisker I’m attaching the link directly below:

BOBP 17: Early Retirement Extreme

Chapter 5: Strategy, Tactics, and Guiding Principles

  • “Only the combination of skills and coordination will unleash the creativity of an expert.”
  • “Doing the right thing is much more important than doing things right”
    • I love this quote so much. I view it in the same vein as there’s a difference between important and urgent. Stop thinking what things have deadlines that you need to work on and instead thing of the big ticket items that are really going to move the needle in your life.
  • Outsourcing has gone extreme, why?
    • Misinformation
      • “We need an expert to do this!” syndrome. Many people are fed the information that they can’t do something and they need an expert. One thing I’ve found a godsend is YouTube. You can learn virtually anything, short of brain surgery, on there.
    • Lack of personal skills
    • Lack of choices
  • A good strategy solves multiple problems at the same time
    • This is touching on synergies. What things can you incorporate that solve many issues with one swoop? I think of when I built my calisthenics park in my backyard. It gave me some experience building with wood, drills, concrete, and paint from a skills perspective. It also allowed great time outside in the fresh air. It has saved me great time and energy going to and home from the gym, and thus saving gas money and mileage on the car.
  • To solve the problem, the cause of the problem must be understood.
    • What comes to mind are people that claim they’re not cut out for one profession or another for whatever reason. They say they’re not smart enough but oftentimes they just are underestimating the effort or time it takes. Maybe moving closer to work would allow them an extra hour to study each day, which could be all the difference they need to get over the hump.
    • Guys are saying they aren’t dating women that they like. Well maybe they’re not even asking out any of the women that they think they might like…
  • Building Blocks
    • Blocks + instructions -> model (think Legos)
      • But the blocks can be combined into new models, where as most just strictly follow the given instructions
      • This seems like it takes a lot of experience
    • Can turn microwave oven into welder
    • Can use aluminum foil to remove rust

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