FinCon Bound

I’m heading off to FinCon tomorrow early in the morning. Austin bound! I’m hoping to meet a lot of great people and hopefully I can take a step forward in blogging and podcasting. I don’t know a lot of specifics on the material we’ll be going over but I’m thinking it’ll be interesting. Stay tuned.

10-day BS Refresh

Analysis Intelligence

The Opening NW in the 9/20/2021 column is the closing NW from the 9/10/2021 column. The green numbers represent estimated changes to my net worth in those categories (green numbers in 9/20 column are the changes that I estimated on 9/10). The white “Gain from” rows show how the actual numbers turned out compared to my original estimates, ten days prior. Bitcoin took a step back, and the transition on the seven unit is a tad bumpy at the moment.

Crystal Ball:

NW/Learning Wins:

  • I’ve made some money at my day job
  • Finished Follow the Smart Money
  • Going to FinCon!
  • Got my 10th review on Amazon for 15 Weeks to Pass an Actuarial Exam. Took almost a year but starting to see progress:

Ideas for increasing NW/Learning

  • Revisit Tax Liens
  • Start analyzing how affiliate programs really work
  • Instead of relying solely on Amazon to sell my book I’m thinking to sell the books on my website as well.
  • Tell one person per day about The Brothers on Books Podcast
  • Rent car out on Turo


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