Time to Derisk?

You’re probably hearing more and more rumblings that this is in fact the everything bubble. If houses, stocks, and bonds are all overpriced what should I invest in? I’ve still been trying to get rental properties that cash flow today and ones I could see holding for a very long time. I am still acquiring Bitcoin and thinking of getting more gold to defend against something actually occurring to the US dollar. I’m also in the process of refinancing the house, pulling cash out, and trying to rent out the entire place. The cash I will use to open more overfunded whole life policies (infinite banking policies). I kind of see this as a deflation hedge and a place where I can fund different ventures I’m now becoming interested in, like renting out cars on Turo. With that, let’s get to the numbers!

10-day BS Refresh

Analysis Intelligence

The Opening NW in the 8/20/2021 column is the closing NW from the 8/10/2021 column. The green numbers represent estimated changes to my net worth in those categories (green numbers in 8/20 column are the changes that I estimated on 8/10). The white “Gain from” rows show how the actual numbers turned out compared to my original estimates, ten days prior. You’ll notice above and below the addition of Cash Value Whole Life Insurance. I’ll be using this as a vehicle to make private loans and borrow from in the future. I am in the process of opening more policies that give me much more access early on to the cash. Honestly this policy that I had opened doesn’t do a great job at accomplishing what I was looking for, but live and learn.

You’ll notice the addition of “Cash Value Whole Life Insurance”, which I think will become a significant source of wealth in the future. This was an idea I first heard listening to a podcast with Chris Naugle. We actually had him on the podcast a bit ago and will be releasing it soon, if you’re interested in another wealth builder.

Crystal Ball:

NW/Learning Wins:

  • I’ve made some money at my day job
  • Recorded our episode with Jacob Lund Fisker, for his book Early Retirement Extreme
  • Reading Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, fantastic book so far

Ideas for increasing NW/Learning

  • Revisit Tax Liens
  • Start analyzing how affiliate programs really work
  • Instead of relying solely on Amazon to sell my book I’m thinking to sell the books on my website as well.
  • Tell one person per day about The Brothers on Books Podcast
  • Rent car out on Turo


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