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If you’ve been enjoying this blog and appreciate me being transparent with my numbers and decision making I would be so appreciative if you’d pass it along to someone who may benefit. Now that the shameless plug is out of the way, it’s Thursday, I’m busy at work, but I can’t shake the feeling that the European Championships kickoff tomorrow. 3PM EST, Turkey vs Italy. I updated a bunch of the models and have posted some of the initial betting allocations on The Bet is Round – This site is about the fundamentals of modeling sports. and will go more in depth soon. This is work that was improved upon the World Cup 2018 experiences that I document in my book, Make Better Bets(https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0893K72LZ?pf_rd_r=34RMC5D4WCM4606VD3PE&pf_rd_p=edaba0ee-c2fe-4124-9f5d-b31d6b1bfbee ). And I’m getting distracted again… To the June 10th numbers!

10-day BS Refresh

Analysis Intelligence

The Opening NW in the 6/10/2021 column is the closing NW from the 5/31/2021 column. The green numbers represent estimated changes to my net worth in those categories (green numbers in 6/10 column are the changes that I estimated on 5/31). The white “Gain from” rows show how the actual numbers turned out compared to my original estimates, ten days prior.

I neglected to pay my credit card bill, that was high from the immigration fee… That’s why going through this exercise is a good one and I don’t let myself go unchecked! Bitcoin, while characteristically was volatile daily, remained pretty flat just looking at the start and end point of the ten day period.

NW/Learning Wins:

  • Posted a book give away on LinkedIn, trying to raise awareness of the actuarial goal journal
  • Sold four Actuarial Goal Journals!
  • We uploaded an episode of The Brothers on Books Podcast
  • I greatly revamped my sports analytics model. I posted some of the results on betisround.com

Ideas for increasing NW/Learning

  • Revisit Tax Liens
  • Start analyzing how affiliate programs really work
  • Instead of relying solely on Amazon to sell my book I’m thinking to sell the books on my website as well. Should I just control the book sales in the same corporation as my real estate in Michigan?
  • Tell one person per day about The Brothers on Books Podcast


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