FSA is Near

Today I found out I passed my last actuarial exam, to attain Fellowship, and I’m just so relieved. I took my first exam in July, 2010 if you can believe that. I still have to complete a module and attend the Fellowship Admissions Course but the heavy lifting is complete, eight exams lined up and shot down with the last couple greatly helped by my journaling. I’ve thought about all the things I’ll be able to learn now that I’ve gotten this herculean task, almost, out of the way. The last five years I’ve probably devoted about 800 hours per year towards studying, and those hours will need to be filled now. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to stop before I finished.

My thoughts so far:

  • Get to spend more time with family and friends!
  • Work more at actual day job to improve skills and increase income
  • Spend more time helping people with their personal finances
  • Spend more time increasing residual income
    • Podcast
    • Book sales and speaking arrangements
    • Look for more real estate
  • Learn German
  • Handy skills
    • Woodworking
    • Welding

I’m sure I will have more reflections in the coming days. It still feels so surreal. I’m just happy it’s almost over and to others that passed exams on this sitting congrats!

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