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I apologize for this rant but there were some snafus with my exam at the Prometric site in Charlotte on November 4th. A couple days before the 4th I went to the site myself, where people were lined up to take their exams, to make sure I knew exactly where I was going. The Prometric website showed no closures upcoming so I thought I was all good to go. Morning of November 4th rolls around and at the Charlotte Prometric, to my dismay, there was no activity. No people waiting in line. The door was closed and locked. I really started panicking. I’ve heard horror stories of the Society of Actuaries not allowing students to take the exam on days other than the one specific day a year that a specific exam is scheduled for. After enough banging on the door someone answered.

The office manager said I should have gotten an email on October 7th to reschedule, which I showed her I did not receive (they had the correct email for me in their database also), due to system upgrades. I was flabbergasted how this could have happened. All she did was apologize and give me a customer service number to contact. After over an hour on the phone I was able to reschedule the exam for the following day in Greensboro. I will thank the Prometric guy on the phone; he was very helpful, and I could sense he knew how much this meant to me.

The exam is behind me now and a bunch of time just opened up. Sorry for the rant.

I’ve tried to make some buckets for activities that I’ll be focused on, minus all of the studying. I hope to write a lot more here and I will be talking to some professionals and hopefully be able to provide some interesting insights on here. For now here is where I want to focus my time:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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