Top Three FIRE-Related Podcasts

I will start out by saying that up until about a few years ago I had never listened to a non ESPN FC podcast. Now I am engulfed with podcasts on my walks and drives. I absolutely love them! The teachers out there are unbelievable and can truly enrich your life. I sometimes think I’ve learned more from some of these podcast hosts than I ever did from most of my teachers. While I know FIRE is often focused on cutting things out of your life, decreasing expenses, and foregoing certain activities I like to focus more on the increasing of income and the number of income streams. At some point one can only cut out so many expenses before one realizes that to improve their situation they must make more income. My top FIRE-related podcast picks are often related to creating businesses. With that let’s get to the countdown.

3. ChooseFI – Brad and Jonathan out of Richmond, VA constantly reinforce why they chose a life of FI… To have a better, more plentiful life with maximum number of choices. One episode that I thought was dynamite recently was episode 256: Double Your Income by Flipping the Second-Hand Market | Flea Market Flippers. They provide a plethora of lenses to look at financial independence through. They’re all about the idea that many small changes add up to dramatic impacts. Health savings accounts, credit card rewards, cooking on a budget, and side hustles are just a few things you’ll be exposed to.

2. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast – This podcast literally changed my life! They interview so many different types of real estate investors and one can get many strategies from listening. I acquired five of my current rental leases through a strategy of cold calling people and seller financing that I first heard on BiggerPockets. It opened my mind to new markets and never settling for the status quo. If there aren’t good deals in your area then look elsewhere! Stop making excuses and starting looking for deals. If you haven’t heard of the BRRR (buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat) strategy you’re missing out! My personal favorite episode is episode 301: The Incredible Power of Long-Distance BRRRR Investing with Alex Felice.

1. The Investors Podcast – Investing makes you a better business creator and creating businesses makes you a better investor. Preston and Stig are great hosts and bring different views on many fronts. They originally set out to read the books that influence self-made billionaires but it has morphed into an all around investing show. They worship Warren Buffet and really try to explain a lot of the mechanics of the economy and decision making through a value investor’s eyes. I’d recommend starting from the first episode and making your way through the episodes. You’ll see how their thinking starts to change and underlines an open mindedness that they have. For a FIRE-driven person I’d recommend episode 20: How to Create Passive Income – with Pat Flynn.



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