New Book is out on Amazon

My new book, 15 Weeks to Pass an Actuarial Exam: A Journal to Help Plan the Work Work the Plan Crush Your Next Actuarial Exam, is now available for purchase!

The process to self sufficiency is a slow one and made up of many small decisions. I hope this next book will be another small step in the right direction and I’m already reflecting on things I’ve learned through this process. Obviously I reflect on many hours of pain of studying actuarial material to come to the thought to even create this goal journal.

I will take the communication with various authors and sitting in on online webinars to hear about strategies to build a book’s momentum. I will take the simple fact that sometimes instead of trying to do everything on your own it’s more important to know where to find the best people, and to trust them to do a good job. I’m most specifically thinking of discovering the website There one can find a plethora of talented artists to perform a mind numbing number of tasks. I scratched my original cover design and went with a person I found on that website. I even think through this discovery Al and I will find someone on there to do some cover art for our podcast!

My plan for this journal is to continue to reach out to all the actuarial programs in the English speaking world to see if they’d like to purchase the journal for their students in bulk. And the ones purchased through Amazon and elsewhere will just be gravy. Will see how well this works out.

I know Amazon currently says they’re out of stock but I know I can order author copies now so if you’re super eager to get them quicker you can message me at

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