No Time to Cruise During COVID

This COVID time has me majorly scampering to find other sources of income. I am for the first time in awhile slightly worried about my day job, and it comes at a time when I should be studying extra hard.

The past ten days have been hectic but productive on some fronts. I did get my book proofs in the mail and my mom really had a big role in me doing some final touches/edits. I also offered on the Stanton St. house; They were currently looking to get $29,900, I offered $21,437 (oddly specific I know), and they countered at $26,000. That number still looks relatively good I think but I’m now having some issues raising some of the money I need. I’m looking to raise $30,000 to pay for the house in cash and cover unexpected early fixes before renting. I was offering many of my friends 5% with a balloon payment at year end of year two; I’m surprised it’s tough to get them to do this. Many of their arguments involve how much the stock market has gone up recently. I would argue that an essentially locked in 5% is pretty good and you can’t bank on the market continually going up if people are just at home constantly and not working. But long story short if I can finance this I’m projecting to make about $40 of cashflow each month, while budgeting for future expenses, and with additional net worth creation through the loan paydown and tax benefits. And with no further adieu, let’s get to it! Just to note I added a line of calculating my networth in terms of Bitcoin to follow with in ounces of gold. I do worry that my buying power may be destroyed with all the money printing, and I hope to capture/alleviate some of this fear through that.

10-day BS Refresh

Analysis Intelligence

The Opening NW in the 5/20/2020 column is the closing NW from the 5/10/2020 column. The green numbers are what I was projecting the changes to be on 5/10/2020. Ten days ago I was thinking my net worth would be 320,808 today and it’s only about one thousand less. I think this close or an estimate is more of a reflection that the stock market has calmed down marginally from last month.

These past ten days have been nothing too special. I still converted, more than expected, cash into Bitcoin explaining the -714 from Cash and the +885 from Currencies. I also made a point to pay down my credit card bill.

Crystal Ball

5/20/2020 I ended with a NW of $319,981. I will be collecting one paycheck in the next ten days. I don’t anticipate doing too much shuffling:

Ideas for increasing NW

  • Get more traffic to websites
  • My book “Make Better Bets” will be out on Amazon shortly.
  • Raise money for the Stanton St house!


  • If you want the excel workbook that I use to help me track just message at I’m also happy to go through any calculations.

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